Frequently Asked Questions

Getting Started

What is SkyPOS?

SkyPOS is one of the best point of sale (POS) system, which makes the retail process very easy. Our system integrates all your business processes, saves time & efforts spent in doing the same retail & business processes by other means, such as manually.

What type of users can benefits from SKyPOS?

SkyPOS has been designed & developed by keeping restaurant business, food counters, Gift Shops etc. in mind. SkyPOS offers a fully integrated system that seamlessly works just as a restaurant team works in serving customers. The best thing about SkyPOS is that no new procedures or feature sets must be learned in order to operate the system effectively. Practically, if you can operate a computer, you can operate SkyPOS.

How much will SkyPOS cost me?

SkyPOS comes at very cost-effective prices and you may send in your requests by filling up the quote request form from our website, after which we can figure the best price for you.

How much time is required for the installation of SkyPOS?

For the online version, no time at all (depending on your internet speed) and only few minutes for offline version.

Do I need to install additional drivers or software to run SkyPOS on my computer system?

If you are running SkyPOS online version, then you do not require any additional drivers installation but with an offline version, some drivers may be required.

What are the OS (Operating System) requirements?

SkyPOS is compatible with all the existing operating systems and runs on all platforms like Windows, iOS (Apple), Android and Linux etc. That means all the operating systems which support an internet browser.

How it works

How SkyPOS Shop works?

SkyPOS Shop is a version of SkyPOS which is used for food courts or retails shops etc. In SkyPOS Shop user can just punch in the order on any tablet or main POS system and the bill is automatically printed in billing printer near the cashier.

What about the software maintenance?

You do not need to worry about software maintenance. It’s instantly available online, at your convenience.

What about the maintenance of hardware?

Not much of hardware maintenance is required for online version of SkyPOS. For offline version some maintenance may be needed from time to time.

Do I need to back up data?

If you are using the online version, then no backup is required but you can back up your data in the offline version and it does not requires huge space. The backup files require little space for storage on your hard drives.

Do I need power back-up system for SkyPOS?

You do not need power back up for online version of SkyPOS. For offline version a backup system is a must.

What about the data security, what are the chances that my data might get corrupted?

There is no chance of data corruption in the online module of SkyPOS while data security on the offline module is managed by the user, so it depends on you, how secure your systems are.

How much is the threat from malware and viruses?

There are very little chances of SkyPOS getting infected by any malware or viruses in the online version while in the offline module, the security of data and system is managed by your systems, so depends on the security software, apps etc. used by the user, still there is a very little threat of viruses even in the offline module.

How SkyPOS Rest works?

SkyPOS Rest is a version of SkyPOS which is used for restaurants. Just as in any restaurant, a waiter comes for taking your order and shows you a menu card and then fulfills all that you have asked for. SkyPOS, helps that waiter work in a better and efficient way without wasting time and paper. Normally a waiter goes to kitchen to tell the chef about the order but in this case waiter stays near the guests at all the times, hence improving the service quality. SkyPOS shows you the options on the available menu of the restaurant which are pre-fed and then you may choose what food items are to be ordered. As soon as you do that the order is placed by your selection on account of a particular table and it is automatically notified to manager’s computer and printed to the various kitchen printers, as applicable. Then according to the order the food is prepared and the waiter is notified that the food is ready to be served. Finally, after the customers are fully done, a bill can be generated and paid with various paying options like cash, cheque, credit or debit card etc. This way, all the human labor and time is saved and your customers get quick service, while you relax sitting on a chair monitoring everything on your computing device.


How will a manager know the status of a table?

Earlier for knowing whether a table has been vacated or not, a manager needed to ask his waiters all the time. But with SkyPOS, this has been made a piece of cake. Now, you can sit on your chair and simply see on the monitor which table is vacant, occupied or billed, all in different colors.

How the bills will be generated in SkyPOS?

As soon as the customers on one or many of your tables are done eating and demand a bill, your waiters can simply select the option of ‘Generate Bill’ and SkyPOS will automatically calculate all amount on all the things that they have ordered and will print the bill on cashier printer. Waiter will pick the bill from the printer and present it to customer. After the bill has been paid, SkyPOS automatically changes the color of the table on the screen showing it as vacant.

Can I run SkyPOS on all mobile and tablet devices?

Yes, SkyPOS can be run on all mobile devices that have a mobile browser. However the size of the mobile or tablet has to be kept in mind.

What about the mobile & tablets, can we replace them at our own end?

Yes, you do not need to worry about that, you can replace the mobiles or tablets at your end i.e. if some occurs in one you can start running the other one. But maximum number of tablets must not increase the number of licenses purchased.

What about real time reporting, will I get to know what is happening?

Yes, absolutely. The administrator(s) of the SkyPOS in a particular place will be able to see the real time status of orders, bill generation, payment etc. from anywhere in online module. In offline module, the administrator can see real time reporting from within network.

What is the control perimeter of SkyPOS?

SkyPOS can be controlled and managed by an administrator from within the place of SkyPOS operations. In case of the online version, the administrator can control SkyPOS from anywhere around the globe. In the offline version, administrator can control it from within the network.

Is it possible to add instructions with each dish while ordering?

Yes, one can add additional instructions with every dish as per customer request and do not need to run here and there for making minor changes.

Is it possible to add or remove dishes from the menu at the runtime?

Yes, the dishes whose ingredients are out of stock, can be removed from the menu at the runtime, so that waiters don’t even take the orders accidently.

Is it possible to add some special items in the menu on special days?

You can constantly update the chef’s specialty, seasonal and non-available items, dish of the day, happy hour and on the house items. This way you can always tell your customers what is available, special and non-available on each and every day which is quite difficult to do with the old school ways.

How can we speed up the payment receiving process?

While receiving payments you do not need to fill up the amount received from customer manually. SkyPOS will automatically show all the combinations of the currency notes a customer can give by dynamically forecasting it. You just need to click on each respective currency note button and it will automatically calculate the remaining amount to be given to the customer, hence speeding the payments immensely.